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About Becky Barton


Baking is never something I thought I would be doing for a living, not at this time in my life. My Mom was an interior designer/seamstress most of her life and my Dad was a painter. Myself I was always kind of the wild child. I was always trying to create art in some form or fashion. I guess trying to find my way in life. I found it in Cake Art! 

I always wanted to be an artist and this is the avenue I decided to go with. Creating art with food is amazing!

Specialty cakes are our most sought after items, as this defines who Becky is as an artist.

Becky Barton started her cake decorating career in 2010 as a simple hobby to take her mind off of her job. She really enjoyed the creativity involved in creating things with her hands and decided she would try her hand at custom cakes the joy that it brought to her friends and family made her realize this is what she was meant to do. She soon got requests from friends of friends and then strangers. Before she knew it, she had accidentally started a cake career.

In 2014, Becky opened Rising Star Bakery in Lula, GA. Because of her love of art and talent she had for painting/sculpting, she marketed herself as a cake artist and soon became known for her unique cakes and creative sculpted cakes.

When she first started this as a hobby in 2010 she didn't even know how to put cake boards between the layers to keep the cakes from collapsing on themselves. It was a long hard road to get to where she is today. 

Rising Star Bakery Owner

Treat your guests to something special from Rising Star Bakery. Our delicious baked goods will be the star of your upcoming dinner, party or special event. Whether you’re celebrating a Corporate Event or a Birthday Party, our highly skilled bakers will craft to your specifications.

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